Natalie Singer


My Art

I escaped reality at a very young age by creating my own world with ink and paint. I preferred it there.  

My paintings are mostly unstructured, unplanned, unrefined and untrained.  It has always been and remains purely an expression of a feeling, a mood, a memory in some shape or form that i once saw or felt. Color, nature,emotions and the sense of things beyond this physical plane are what inspire me. Road trips and new experiences do as well. I paint places and things I vaguely recall but can't recall ever actually seeing. I have a sense of my art being a tribute to  things in this world that I love.  

A bit of personal background:

I was born and raised in Manhattan in New York City. I moved to L.A. to do more extensive work in the film industry. I then moved to Nashville after the big quake of 94' destroyed my place in Los Angeles. I wasn't thinking straight when I made that decision.

I was accepted based on my artistic ability to both the High School of Art and Design and the High School of Music and Art in New York. I attended Fordham University at Lincoln Center where I was a theatre major.

A partial list of professional work; straight out of college I went to work for the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, then four years at the original Roundabout Theatre Company (amazing time) and when I finally couldn't take it anymore (no #MeToo movement back then) I went to the Hesseltine Baker Talent agency where I met Christopher (Superman) Reeve (such a good story) who I worked with for four years before moving to Hollywood. 

I was a research assistant for the author ("Edie" and "West of Eden") and amazing person Jean Stein, worked at Aaron Spelling Productions, as a production assistant to the actress, heiress, socialite Dina Merrill, assistant (or something) to actor David Keith, freelanced as a script analyst for a few film companies, as an extras wrangler and did bit parts in a few films.     

I've road tripped across the country twice in my life and was a witness in the O.J. Simpson trial. I've known, loved and learned from the great, the interesting, the brilliant and the talented as well as the good, the bad and the ugly, and grown and changed by losses and gains.

I've learned that that comprises our lives is relevant and aids in the growth and development of our minds and souls. I believe in little miracles and things that can't be explained by practical or scientific minds. I've had cancer and at the moment I don't.

Fragments of life gone by are embedded in my soul and spirit and so it's in my art as well.

I've lived in such a way as to make a lot of my dreams come true against the odds.

I asked what my own measure of success was and with that answer life began to fall into place.  


Thank you for stopping by....xoxn